The marked personality on stage and the musical sensibility of Alejandro Aparicio make that the audience could never remain indifferent after his concerts. It is created a very special atmosphere in every one of his performances mainly because of the intimacy of his guitar and his interpretive character. The passion for the Spanish music, specially commits him to that repertoire, becoming one of his fundamental basis as a musician and guitar player.

His concert career leads him to perform as solo player in Belgium, Netherlands and throughout Spain. He offers recitals at many places as Andalusian Musical Documentation Centre, Palace of Charles V in the Alhambra, music serie Parkstraat Gemeente or II Music Festival “Villa de Magán”, among many others. In the last season he got lent the Antonio de Torres guitar from 1883, the Stradivarius of the guitar, to give two concerts. He has also been invited to perform as a soloist with different ensembles as Zuiderwind or FIMA Orchestra.

Alejandro was born in Almería, Andalusia. He enters at conservatory of that city when he is 9 years old, largely influenced by his aunt, who gets him interested in music from an early age. He studies in Almería for 10 years with José Samuel Roque, who settles the foundations of the musician he is at this moment. Afterwards, he enters at Real Conservatorio Superior de Música of Madrid, where he gets the Bachelor in Guitar. Later he moves to the Netherlands where he becomes a member of the prestigious guitarist Carlo Marchione class. After two years of musical maturity, he gains the Master of Music at the Maastricht Academy of Music. Besides, since an early age, he balances regular lessons with masterclasses of great guitarists, Manuel Barrueco or David Russell among them.

His commitment to the Spanish music is shown not only on the performance of his ample repertoire, but also that he is looking for new compositions for guitar made by Spanish composers. For that reason, he works closely with composer Fernando Javier Carmona Arana, from whom he has premiered many of his works, among them the Concerto for guitar and orchestra “Al Alba la Mar”. He has also premiered pieces by other composers, like Christiaan Janssen.

Currently, he balances guitar teaching with his concert career from his home in Spain.

Alejandro Aparicio performs with an Antonio Marín guitar.



Temporada 2016/2017

Madrid, Spain

9 October 2016

Espacio Ronda

Almería, Spain

12 November 2016


Raquel Sánchez

Camargo (Cantabria), Spain

16 December 2016

Museo Etnográfico

Madrid, Spain

11 January 2017

Museo Sorolla

Ulft, Netherlands

15 January 2017


Utrecht, Netherlands

19 January 2017

Instituto Cervantes

Enkhuizen, Netherlands

21 January 2017


Roermond, Netherlands

22 January 2017


De Roermond Symphonie

Concierto de Aranjuez

Arnstadt, Germany

17 February 2017

Musikschule Arnstadt “Haus zum Palmbaum“

Almería, Spain

9 March 2017


Gulpen, Netherlands

19 March 2017

Muziek Klassiek Gulpen

Madrid, Spain

2 April 2017

Toccata en A

Melilla, Spain

27 April 2017

Salón Dorado

Roquetas de Mar, Spain

4 May 2017

Escuela Municipal de Música

Oporto, Portugal

13 May 2017

Casa das Artes

Past seasons

Almería, Spain

8 July 2016

La Guajira

Villa de Magán (Toledo), Spain

18 June 2016

Iglesia Santa Marina, II Festival de Música “Villa de Magán”

Arnhem, Netherlands

1 May 2016


Beringen, Belgium

29 April 2016


Zuiderwind Ensemble

Almería, Spain

6 March 2016


Orquesta FIMA

Concierto “Al Alba la Mar”

Granada, Spain

29 February 2016

Museo de Bellas Artes, Palacio de Carlos V (Alhambra)

Thorn, Netherlands

21 November 2015

Grote Hegge

Zuiderwind Ensemble

Granada, Spain

17 October 2015

Centro de Documentación Musical de Andalucía




-Rates: 16.5€ (30 minutes); 24€ (45 minutes); 32€ (1h)

-Conditions: advance payment; 48-hour cancellation notice.

-Possibility of lessons via Skype

-Place: Madrid

-Language: Spanish and English.

-Beginners, advanced (all levels) and exam preparation.

I have worked for 10 years as a teacher. All kinds of students have attended my classes, regardless of their age, level or nationality. The goal is always the same: learning how to play the guitar and enjoying it.

My classes are addressed to people who have never played the guitar, to those who already know but want to improve his/her level and also for those who want to prepare for a final exam, entrance exam, or an international exam (ABRSM, for example).

Lessons take place in Madrid, but there is a possibility of classes via Skype. If you wish further information or have any special request, do not hesitate to contact me.



Personal contact

Alejandro Aparicio
+34 659 083 545


Clara Sánchez
+34 661 121 888